Switch to layout mode

After adding your content sources (i.e. presentation, video, etc.), open the layout mode in the bottom on the right. You can add additional panels from the left like the audience list or the Q&As. Those panels will stick to the left.

Control the layout

You can resize all elements on the screen and rearrange them as well.

Hover/tap to the uppermost left corner of the element that you would like to move until you see .

Simply click/tap the border of the element that you’d like to resize, drag and let go.

Applying the Layout

To implement the layout, hit Apply. By applying your layout, your participants won’t be able to change their layout individually. If you decided not to apply the layout, hit Cancel.

Making changes after applying the layout

If you would like to make some changes in the layout that you have already applied, click on Create Layout, make the necessary changes and hit Apply

Exit Layout Mode

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