What is Event Registration?

Event Registration is a feature that can be added to Together Talk Audio On Demand, Scheduled, and Operator Assisted conferences.

With Event Registration you can:

  • Simplify the complexity and organization of audio conferencing
  • Easily invite or share your conference event with others
  • Enhance the representation of your conference event to your potential attendees
  • Help keep your audience informed about items relating to your event
  • Secure your conference with the requirement of registration
    • Identify who attends your conference by name
    • Collect information about your audience to better engage them
    • Track registration progress to help ensure attendance goals are met
  • Ensure registrants have the correct connection information when they need it
  • Remind those who register to attend


Event Registration is made up of two main parts:

  • Event Manager
  • Event Page

Event Manager

The Event Manager is designed for the leader or organizer of the conference to be able to customize the details about their conference event. A detailed description, organizer contact information, and special registration instructions can be defined here. Customization options for the registration form can also be found here as well as all the data collected through registration for your event. Tools are also available for viewing and sharing your Event Page.

Event Page

The Event Page is where the details defined in the Event Manager are displayed to the public and where potential attendees are able to register.

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