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Operator Assisted Audio Conferencing

Why Operator Assisted?

Operator Assisted audio conferencing is an audio conference that can be scheduled with your dedicated client reservation number via phone, email or fax.  A Conference Group operator will monitor the call for the duration of the conference call. All Participants dial the same telephone number and passcode, and are automatically added to the conference.

Our Operator Assisted audio conferencing solution offers outstanding service at a great price. This service is ideal for companies who want a more formal, rigorous structure for their conference calls. In particular, it works well for companies who have regular meetings or meetings for particularly large groups. The more people you need to manage, the greater the need to schedule in advance and have a moderator on the call.

Conference calls for large groups can be difficult to organize and manage, the Operator Assisted advance scheduling allows you to have everything determined beforehand, ensuring that you have a smooth experience throughout the call. Conference calls that are planned in advance and arranged in detail before the date of the call have proven to be more productive.

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  • Dedicated Operator
  • Private Host Room
  • Toll-free Access*
*For Canadian and International Toll-free additional fees may apply.
Questions? Call Us (877) 716-8255

Attendance Reports

A report detailing each conference call, including caller ID, entry and exit times, and a link to listen to a MP3 recording of the conference (if the conference is recorded by the Leader). The Attendance Report is emailed to the conference Leader following each call.

Entry/Exit Tones

Choices are: Tone, Message, Tone and Message. Tones are audible throughout the conference by all Participants.

Leader Hang-up

Conference will be disconnected after the last Leader disconnects to ensure that the conference does not incur additional charges for line(s) not disconnected from the conference.

Lecture Mode

This conference is most suitable for presentations and large groups. Participants in the conference are placed into a "listen only" mode and only the Leader can be heard.

Lock Conference

When initiated by the Leader, this feature prohibits further entry of any new Participants into the conference. The Leader may lock and unlock the call via Star Command - *7 at anytime during conference.

MP3 Download

A link to download a MP3 file of your recorded conference. MP3 files are compatible with most browsers and media players.


A serene ambiance will be provided in the conference waiting room. This prevents Participants from conferencing until the Leader has initiated the conference. It also informs Participants that they have arrived in the conference.


A Polling session allows the Leader gather responses in an organized manner. The Conference Group operator, or the Leader, can ask a question and provide a list of possible answers/responses with corresponding numbers.

Pre-Conference Host Room

Leaders dial into the conference and are placed into the Pre-Conference Host Room. In the Host Room Leaders can speak privately amongst themselves, as well as the operator, to review any procedures or instructions prior to the conference.

Question & Answer

Leader(s) can answer Participant questions more efficiently by using the Question & Answer (Q&A) feature. Q&A promotes electronic "hand-raising."


Leader(s) can initiate and pause a recording anytime during the conference. Participants can playback the conference at the end of the call. All recordings can be retrieved up to 30 days from the date of the conference via Dashboard or a MP3 download.

Roll Call

Operator will read through Participant List provided by the conference Leader to take attendance during the call.

Self Registration

This feature provides you with a registration link, which can be distributed to conference Participants prior to a conference. Each Participant that registers will receive the conference passcode and a PIN for their exclusive use. 

Backdoor Line (Optional)

Direct connect to the operator via an independent phone line and number. You also have the option for the operator to call you direct via this line.

Operator Dial-Out (Optional)

Leaders may schedule an Operator Assisted or Operator Assisted Plus conference to have an operator dial out to specified Participants by providing their name and telephone number. 

Transcription (Optional)

Typed transcription of the conference can be provided per request. Transcription services are usually provided within 48 hours after the conference in a Microsoft® Word document via email. Additional charges apply.

About the Conference Group

The Conference Group is proud to provide you with the sophisticated technology needed to enable industry-leading conference call, webinar and video meeting solutions. With our help, you can leverage the power of a conference call to help your business succeed on a global scale. Whether you need to host a web conference, audio conference call or a full high-quality video conference, we have the perfect service and solution for you.

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