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Operator Assisted &Operator Assisted Plus Audio Conferencing

Operator Assisted Service Details

  • Dedicated Operator
  • Private Host Room
  • Custom Operator Announcements (Operator Assisted Plus only)
  • Participant Greeting and Screening (Operator Assisted Plus only)
  • Toll-free Access*
*For Canadian and International Toll-free additional fees may apply.

Why Operator Assisted?

Conference Group delivers quality conferencing services and solutions, so you’ll always be able to effectively connect with your team and your clients. And for those vital calls that demand additional support, we offer powerful Operator Assisted and Operator Assisted Plus conferencing options — all at a price that won’t break your budget.

With Operator Assisted audio conferencing, a trained Conference Group operator monitors your call for its duration. This ensures that the meeting begins on time, and that all Participants have been approved to attend. And — by delegating many responsibilities to the operator — Operator Assisted conferencing frees up the Leaders’ attention, so they can focus on providing the best possible content. If you want a more formal, more secure, structure for your conference calls, this service is the ideal solution.

And, for when your calls warrant the very best in service and support, Operator Assisted Plus is the only way to go. This “white glove” service connects organizers and Participants like never before. Each Participant is greeted by a live operator, rather than a recorded message. Operators ask attendees for a pre-determined verbal passcode, and can also collect and verify Participants’ information, including name, company, title, phone number, and email address. This not only helps secure the call against unauthorized Participants, but also gives the meeting Leaders valuable demographic and marketing data, for a clearer understanding of their attendees.

Take your conference calls further, and always enjoy the right support and services to ensure optimal productivity. Conference Group Operator Assisted and Operator Assisted Plus make it possible.

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Echo Replay

Digitally record your call for anyone who was unable to attend it live or would like to listen again from the beginning. Echo makes a replay of your event available by dialing a toll or toll-free number for easy, 24/7 access. Callers have the option to fast-forward or rewind at any time during the replay. Additional fees may apply, please contact for more info.

Entry/Exit Tones

Tones are audible throughout the conference by all Participants. Choices are: Tone, Message, or Tone and Message.

Event Registration(Operator Assisted only)

This feature provides you with an Event Page for your conference that can be shared to inform invitees about your conference as well as allow them to register. The registration adds security to your conference by providing registrants with a PIN in addition to Dial-in Number and Passcode to access your conference. This feature also provides you with Event Manager which allows you to customize the Event Page and registration as well as view/manage registrations.

Lecture Mode

This conference is most suitable for presentations and large groups. Participants in the conference are placed into a "listen only" mode and only the Leader can be heard.

Lock Conference

When initiated by the Leader, this feature prohibits further entry of any new Participants into the conference. The Leader may lock and unlock the call via Star Command - *7 at any time during the conference.

MP3 Download

We provide links to download MP3 files of your recorded conferences. MP3 files are compatible with most browsers and media players.


A serene ambiance will be provided in the conference waiting room. This prevents Participants from conferencing until the Leader has initiated the conference. It also informs Participants that they have arrived in the conference.

Participant Greeting and Screening  (Operator Assisted Plus only)

Operators collect Participant information, such as name, company, title, phone number, and email address, prior to Participants being admitted into the conference. The conference is secured by a verbal passcode, provided by the Conference Group operator.


A polling session allows the Leader to easily collect Participant responses. Either the Conference Group operator or the Leader can ask a question and provide a list of possible answers/responses, which participants can then select using corresponding numbers.

Pre-Conference Host Room

Leaders dial into the conference and are placed into the Pre-Conference Host Room. In the Host Room Leaders can speak privately amongst themselves or with the operator to review any procedures or instructions prior to the conference.

Question & Answer

Leader(s) can answer Participant questions more efficiently by using the Question & Answer (Q&A) feature. Q&A promotes electronic "hand-raising," for a more involved conference experience.

Roll Call

The operator takes attendance during the call, by reading through the Participant List provided by the conference Leader.

Optional Features

Allowed Only List (Operator Assisted Plus only)

Using a highly restricted Participant List, a Conference Group operator screens all Participants prior to entry. Your Participant List must be provided 24 hours prior to the call in a Microsoft® Excel or CSV format.

Backdoor Line

A Backdoor Line provides a direct connection to the operator via an independent phone line and number. You also have the option for the operator to call you directly via this line.

Operator Dial-Out

Leaders may schedule an Operator Assisted or Operator Assisted Plus conference to have an operator dial out to specified Participants. 

Participant List
(Operator Assisted Plus only)

At the conclusion of the conference a Participant List is distributed to the email addresses of your choice.


A typed transcription of the conference can be provided per request. Transcription services are usually provided within 48 hours after the conference in a Microsoft® Word document via email. Additional charges apply.

Welcome Message

This feature allows the leader to record or supply a personalized greeting that all participants hear before entering the conference. Please contact customer service to enable this feature on your conferences. Additional charges apply.

About the Conference Group

The Conference Group is proud to provide you with the sophisticated technology needed to enable industry-leading conference call solutions. With our help, you can leverage the power of a conference call to help your business succeed on a global scale. We have the perfect service and solution for you.

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