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On Demand

Our Together Talk® Audio On Demand conferencing call service provides toll-free access to our conference bridge 24/7, without the need to schedule a conference in advance. On Demand is a pay-as-you-go service, allowing you to precisely control how much you're spending — without modifying your contract or changing terms. Utilize On Demand conference calls to conduct your everyday meetings at an affordable cost.

No Scheduling

On Demand toll-free conferencing allows you to enjoy unprecedented freedom to connect with business partners around the world. Set up conference calls whenever you like, without having to schedule them in advance, and enjoy the same support and many of the same tools that are available for scheduled conference calls.

Unique Passcodes

Each Leader is assigned a toll-free number and passcode to access their conference. For your convenience, we offer unique passcodes that can be used across all of our services. That means fewer passcodes to remember, no matter which Conference Group audio conferencing service you are using.

Full of Features

We offer toll-free conferencing throughout the United States and worldwide, with local, in-country numbers available. Even our most basic toll-free On Demand conferencing options boast a full list of features to enhance your productivity during and after the call. Control who in your group has talking privileges, mute everyone but one speaker, and more. Advanced technology makes your conference even more productive, allowing you to easily record, playback, and review Participants. This combination of features is available for all of our On Demand conferencing options.

Free Recordings

The Leader can Start/Stop a conference recording by pressing Star Command - *2. The recorded conference is an MP3 file that can be downloaded and/or emailed. Conference recording is a free audio conferencing feature, available on our On Demand, Operator Assisted, and Operator Assisted Plus audio conferencing services.

Need Help During Your Call?

Operator assistance is available at all times. Request assistance by pressing Star Command - *0.

Service Details

  • 3.9¢ Per Minute/Per Line for U.S. Toll-free
  • Up to 300 Participants
  • Attendance Reports Emailed After Call
  • No Scheduling Required
  • Toll-free Access*
  • 24/7 Operator Assistance and Customer Support
  • Free Recordings
  • Automatic Email of MP3 Recording
  • Separate Leader and Participant Passcodes
  • Pay-As-You-Go
  • Billed on Monthly Basis

*For Canadian and International Toll-free additional fees may apply.


  • Audio Console
  • Customer Dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard

Included Features

Attendance Reports

Easily access reports detailing each conference call, including caller ID, entry and exit times, and a link to listen to an MP3 recording of the conference (if the conference is recorded by the Leader). The Attendance Report is emailed to the conference Leader following each call.

Billing Codes

When enabled, conference Leaders are prompted to enter a numeric code (up to 20 numeric characters) followed by the # key prior to gaining access to the conference. This code will appear on the invoice, enabling the Leader to track conference usage at the individual client level.

Echo Replay

Digitally record your call for anyone who was unable to attend it live or would like to listen again from the beginning. Echo makes a replay of your event available by dialing a toll or toll-free number for easy, 24/7 access. Callers have the option to fast-forward or rewind at any time during the replay. Additional fees may apply, please contact for more info.

Entry/Exit Tones

Tones are audible throughout the conference by all Participants. Choices are: Tone, Message, Tone & Message.

Event Registration

This feature provides you with an Event Page for your conference that can be shared to inform invitees about your conference as well as allow them to register. The registration adds security to your conference by providing registrants with a PIN in addition to Dial-in Number and Passcode to access your conference. This feature also provides you with Event Manager which allows you to customize the Event Page and registration as well as view/manage registrations.

Leader Hang-up

Conference will be disconnected after the last Leader disconnects, to ensure that the conference does not incur additional charges for any line not disconnected from the conference.

Lecture Mode

This conference is most suitable for presentations and large groups. Participants in the conference are placed into a "listen only" mode in which only the Leader can be heard.

Lock Conference

When initiated by the Leader, this feature prohibits further entry of any new Participants into the conference. The Leader may lock and unlock the call via Star Command - *7 at any time during the conference.

MP3 Download

We provide links to download MP3 files of your recorded conferences. MP3 files are compatible with most browsers and media players.


A serene ambiance will be provided in the conference waiting room. This prevents Participants from conferencing until the Leader has initiated the conference. It also informs Participants that they have arrived in the conference.


Participants and Leaders can mute their individual lines at any time during the conference. Mute can be toggled on and off at the push of a button.


This conference mode is most suitable for presentations and large groups. Participants in the conference are placed into a "listen only" mode where only the leader can be heard. However, participants may un-mute and mute their line as necessary for questions or comments throughout the conference call.

Name Record/Playback

When enabled, Name Record/Playback prompts each Participant to record their name before they enter the conference. Every time a Participant enters the conference, the recorded name is played to the entire conference.


Leaders can initiate and pause a recording anytime during the conference. Participants can playback the conference at the end of the call. All recordings can be retrieved up to 30 days from the date of the conference via Dashboard or MP3 download.

Sub Conferencing

This feature allows you to host up to nine additional sub conferences within the main conference. These sub conferences can be used as "breakout rooms" from the main meeting.

Blast Dial (Optional)

At the time of the call the leader or an operator can initiate a blast dial to call out to Participants. Dial Lists, including the names and phone numbers of all Participants, are emailed prior to the conference.

Transcription (Optional)

A typed transcription of the conference can be provided per request. Transcription services are usually provided within 48 hours after the conference in a Microsoft® Word document via email. Additional charges apply.

Welcome Message (Optional)

This feature allows the leader to record or supply a personalized greeting that all participants hear before entering the conference. Please contact customer service to enable this feature on your conferences. Additional charges apply.

About the Conference Group

The Conference Group is proud to provide you with the sophisticated technology needed to enable industry-leading conference call, webinar and video meeting solutions. With our help, you can leverage the power of a conference call to help your business succeed on a global scale. Whether you need to host a web conference, audio conference call or a full high-quality video conference, we have the perfect service and solution for you.

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