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The Conference Group offers premium quality audio conferencing services that enable your business to gain a competitive edge by quickly and effectively managing communications. Our services give you the ability to communicate with multiple parties at once from anywhere at any time.

When you choose the Conference Group as your service provider, you will enjoy access to a wide selection of services and tools that can be customized to fit your business needs. Our extensive suite of audio conferencing solutions include access to intuitive tools that allow you to schedule, manage and facilitate your meetings, as well as features that give you the ability to interact and engage with your call Participants. Or if you prefer a more elite, operator-assisted conferencing service, our operators are available 24/7 to do all of the heavy lifting for you.

Select from these Conference Call Services...

On Demand

Easy to use and cost effective, Together Talk® On Demand can be accessed toll-free 24/7 via our conferencing bridge, without the need to schedule a conference in advance.

  • 3.9¢ Per Minute/Per Line
  • Up to 300 Participants
  • 24/7 Operator Assistance
  • Toll-free Access*
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Operator Assisted

Operator Assisted audio conferencing is your elite conference call solution. A live operator is available throughout the duration of the call.

  • Dedicated Operator
  • Private Host Room
  • Toll-free Access*
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A Scheduled conference can be pre-arranged at any time. Operator assistance is available during the call, by pressing Star Command - *0.

  • 24/7 Operator Assistance
  • Unique Passcodes
  • Toll-free Access*
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*For Canadian and International Toll-free additional fees may apply.
About the Conference Group

The Conference Group is proud to provide you with the sophisticated technology needed to enable industry-leading conference call, webinar and video meeting solutions. With our help, you can leverage the power of a conference call to help your business succeed on a global scale. Whether you need to host a web conference, audio conference call or a full high-quality video conference, we have the perfect service and solution for you.

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